BIT Partners - Core Processors

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Our market niche is serving financial institutions. Based on this specialization, BIT is rapidly becoming known as "the" statement resource for financial institutions nationwide.
BIT provides document solutions to financial institutions which use various host processing systems, including:

Core Processor:
Brasfield Kirchman
CMC Flex
CU Northwest
CUSA Reliance
EDS Integrasys
EPL, Inc.
Fidelity Horizon
Fiserv Acumen
Fiserv Aftech
Fiserv Alltel
Fiserv CBS
Fiserv CBS
Fiserv Data Safe
Fiserv Fincentric
Fiserv Galaxy Plus
Fiserv Summit (AKA Fiserv Spectrum)
Fiserv Users
Fiserv Vision
Fiserv XP Systems
FPS Gold
Harland UltraData
Jack Henry - Symitar Cruise
Jack Henry - Symitar Episys
   (AKA Aurum Technologies MISER)
Open Solutions CGI
Open Solutions Inc  (AKA OSI)
Open Solutions RDS
Open Solutions SME
R. C. Olmstead
Share One
Tracking Services / MCS

Single Sign-Ons:
Agility Four
CMC - Flex
Corillian (CheckFree)
Corillian (Fiserv)
Digital Insight/Intuit Financial Services
Harland UltraData
Jack Henry
Online Resources
Open Solutions/OSI
Share One
Summit Hosted
Summit In House
Symitar Cruise
Symitar Episys
Westcom Resources Group

Check Links:
Business Imaging Systems
Check View
Corporate America CU
Corporate One
Diebold iCheckIBS
Empire Corporate / Members United
Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU
MidStates / Members United
Northwest Corporate
Sandia In-House
Southeast Corporate
Southwest Corporate

We have the capability to interface with virtually any host processing system.

Our Customers Say . . .

“HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED! The process is simple and automated. We receive a quick turn around of the statement to the member.
The Electronic statement availability is my favorite part. My e-statement is available within the same day of sending them the file. I also receive a CD with the statement in a PDF to our image server almost in one week. Now that is great service!”

Rob Nemeroffi

No one likes to switch member statements, prior to moving to BIT I had gone through 2 statement vendors in 2 years. I was very hesitant to do so again but the quality that I was experiencing forced me to re-evaluate BIT statement processing. BIT worked with Kitsap to re-design the statement and worked with Kitsap until we were satisfied. The one thing that I have always been impressed with is the quality assurance at the production line. On more then one occasion I received a call half way through the run that our credit union had sent a file with dates that did not match the processing period. These statements were caught before they were dropped in the mail and we were able to correct the problem prior to sending them to our members. I have always received outstanding service from BIT regardless who I am working with in the office. Today statement processing and delivery are a "no brainier" for me don't even worry about the month-end cycle.
We have since moved e-statements and all of our daily notices to BIT again, a seamless transition.
Do not think you will be sorry for the move.

Colin Morrison

“I want to thank BIT for making the monthly statement processing so easy. It only takes a few minutes each month to get statements in members’ hands. All I do is spend a few minutes setting up the job online, make a few clicks on the Symitar Cruise System, encrypt the file and send to BIT. The friendly and helpful staff at BIT virtually holds my hand through the whole process.”

Mark Davis

The statements look great.  I can't believe how much better they are than our current statements. I sent in a revision on the HELOC ones.  These are the statements that cycle this week.
I still can't get over how great the statements look.

Maribeth Fish

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, for first, catching the issue and then, of course fixing it promptly. You make it so easy for me to be a BIT reference, because I can think of so many examples when you come to our rescue!

Mary Isaacs
Senior Vice President/CFO