BIT Statement Processing - Award Winning

BIT's eStatement application received the prestigious Technovation Award from the Information Technology Credit Union Association (ITCUA). This award-winning eStatement application, together with our data reformatting and print statement services, provides a complete solution under one roof, without the challenges of managing multiple providers.

Our Customers Say . . .

I cannot recall even one negative experience with BIT during my entire term of over six years right from the RFP process. In fact, they are more vigilant than the credit union, sometimes they would bring certain inconsistencies in our statement file to our attention before print process and proactively remind us of the regulatory requirements.

BIT prints our member statements, payment/delinquent notices, annual tax forms both print and electronic delivery methods. Their client service is impeccable. They continue to do the same service. I really miss working with them now due to my new responsibilities at the credit union. I always wish all of our vendors were like BIT, life would be so much easierJ Now we are going through Core conversion scheduled for July 1, 2013. As a core team member, I hear that BIT is on top of this project as well.

Please let me know if you need further information.

Satya Bhadriraju
Manager, Back Office Processing